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CRM for Outlook client installer (for Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016)

NB: When upgrading CRM for Outlook please always start with the server upgrade. It will trigger an automated client upgrade

Client v2020.02.01

Client v1.0.110

Client v1.0.109

Client v1.0.107

Client v1.0.106

Client v1.0.105

Client v1.0.104

Client v1.0.103

Client v1.0.102

Client v1.0.99

Client v1.0.98

Client v1.0.97

Client v1.0.93

Client v1.0.92

Client v1.0.88

Client v1.0.85

Client v1.0.84

Client V1.0.79

Client V1.0.78

Client V1.0.77

Client V1.0.76

NB: Server version and client version always need to match (too high client will not be able to connect)

For preview versions please go here

For older released please contact

Commandline (Advanced users):
Silent install: client.exe /qn
Passive mode: client.exe /passive